March, 10, 2020

Why I Love Scala, Part I

While looking for an internship in late 2015, I stumbled across Scala, and was intrigued. Why would I want to use it over Java, especially since Java 8 added lambdas and streams? What made it better? I decided to try it out the following spring break, and I was instantly in love, so much so that I started contributing to the language the next year.

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February, 26, 2020

Scaling ETL with Scala

When I joined Protenus in 2015, the first version of our ETL “pipeline” was a set of HiveQL scripts executed manually one after another. The company, still a start-up focused on proving out the analytics and UX, had adopted Spark, Hive, and MongoDB as core technologies. With our Series A funding round completed, my first task was to take these scripts and build out an ETL application. The first attempt naturally adopted Spark and Hive as primary technologies and added state management. This version got us through our next few clients.

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February, 3, 2020

Scaling Infrastructure for Growth

I joined Protenus in 2017, just as we were maturing from the startup to growth phase of the business. A key improvement identified to drive future growth during this period was the ability to decrease the time it took to onboard new customers. This presented some interesting infrastructure challenges as, until this point, hosts and resources in our Amazon Web Services (AWS) account had been manually provisioned and configured to meet requirements set forth by various HIPAA rules and our stringent security policies.

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January, 20, 2020

Software Development Life Cycle at Protenus

Protenus’s software development life cycle is the process through which our platform is created. Its progression can be roughly described as the following phases: planning, creating, testing, deploying, and maintaining. At Protenus, these phases are flexible and often overlap. Let’s have a look at each phase from the software engineer’s point of view to see how they unfold.

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January, 6, 2020

Engineering Culture: How Humility Helps Better Our Team and the Product

Not long ago, prior to joining Protenus, I found myself contributing to a string of successful software projects. These projects, with small but talented engineering teams, didn’t shy from wild west development tactics: committing directly to the develop branch, merging without peer review of code, foregoing best practices ranging from automated code formatting to strong unit test coverage. Our technical chops and the disposable nature of our solutions meant we could move fast and muscle our way to a result that looked great while checking every requirement box. Management and clients were pleased to have features delivered on time. Developers enjoyed the low drag process. We were doing it right.

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